Saturday, 31 December 2011

사랑하지마요 ( Do not Love )

Suddenly struck weariness
I do not want to face froze like
Filled up wasted time passes by without fear
Luggage the day not far away

Do not want to start to become lazy poor verbal communication

No new ideas would hide text inside pant
Good mood in the haze began to ferment stranded negative energy
I need somebody to love

Do not want to become aloof do not want to embarrass closed

Want to win the blessing of the sun dark forces threaten to deny
What everyone is lacking
So lonely it becomes not free

And freedom is what

I began to suspect that the definition of freedom
Escape from bondage across the barrier is then liberated
Or simply to get their loved
Or just to breathe and live

No order does not need to order .

 note : they do not love that do not show their love .