Tuesday, 15 January 2013

These days

     I'm stubborn, ever . Because of fear of injury, choose a closed corner to enjoy worry-free. Initially it all looks nothing wrong . A long time, excessive worry will be brewing emptiness, emptiness is messy aftermath of a vicious cycle . You will try to learn to enjoy , but they are actually trying to make myself feel better . This said, should not be verbal , want to say , do not want brought ; say more mistakes , and finally direct not say . Because the face of untrue faces , silence can avoid the problem , but a smile can solve the problem .

Once brilliant
Can be short-lived. But not sloppy.
Be hasty. But ultimately, to accompany you through the inside of people .
Subconscious accustomed , at a few more opportunities under the new chapter. 
It was right in saying that , never will their closed hearts should be open to accept more . You never know who is the best person for you , and who is your true friend. Only the constant accumulation of experience , the most vivid memories will give you the answer .
I then try to change yourself.
Changed from that for granted .
Before this, I never expected that this change will happen in a flash brilliant

Stay up late
Tired, is this a final exam topics.
And the past is not the same , the final exam unusually quiet mood . Clouded final exam several times before , this time it is sunny .
I found it all look on the mood is cheerful . To do the things you like , do not ignore their responsibilities.
No matter what the outcome , these days of staying up warm book though tough , there is a little sweet .

And good friends with the completion of a number of things , is a great feeling. Exaggeration , it was the " revolutionary spirit ."
Just three days and two nights of camps , you can fully appreciate the unity of a reliable and important. Even complained , even feel tired very torment ; still muster the energy to complete the task together . This may be a responsibility , but also a trust.
Together like a zombie into the bedroom to sleep, woke up on the jump along with interpretations not yet fully Crayon and small balls and lively, with obviously loves to sleep had met to discuss has been talking nonsense laughter , kissed by a mosquito to not be together sleep, doze off in the classroom together , joke together gossip "Little Three " theory, along with all sorts of together .
These days though tired like people , are very memorable .
I would not have a lot of this together .

Nice to have you
These times finally put a dot .
Although at first could not find their own point , has been lost . Thank you for standing by his side 's friends, although often chatter , was ridiculed , but also think that this may be a mockery of being needed .
Can not tell when to start and began to feel that they are not alone a person .
All this things ,really gathered us .
The next semester , I hope everything remains the same. Continue to be written so lonely after memorable memories.


P/S : Very happy these days anyway .