Friday, 22 February 2013


Emptiness , the continuation of illusion. Illusion of ideological interference . Ideas, bundled free .

     A spiritual , intermittent rotation of such gear . The dose of the medicine for a whole day , it may not be able to uncover the illusion of solitude . Began confusion. Open the refrigerator looking for cooling the brain prescription , but only got scared .

     Overcast exceptionally moving. Wanted to continue the dream last night , and finally get down to sleep. Only one corner of the room is empty , no lights , a little blues music ; compromise with me and tired . Wake up lonely cold when found , but an enthusiasm began to have temperatures. Then boil a cup of coffee concentration , the compensation to be emptied self-complementary emotions.

     Color, tired . Like humanity , like many breathtaking . Suddenly want to shed extravagant colors between the white and the black to interpret some of the records. Accumulation of too many dreams and illusions, sometimes overestimated have not seen any of their own, but also no less than give . I can do nothing but accumulated little by little .

     Eyes closed , ears to listen . Less visual seduction found eardrums tremble. Many want to leave it all illusion. Yes, but an illusion .

    Freedom, give thought. Ideas, create a false impression . Illusion , stacked empty.

note : pleasure may come from illusion , but happiness can come only of reality .