Sunday, 30 June 2013


Time flies so fast , I have no time to recover .

     Packed heavy luggage , it is time to organize the chaotic mood. Put all the memories and sustenance dismay locked into my mind , and then open up another chapter of exciting.

     Month's warm, unwittingly run out . I admit I was not frugal , but after time thief does not forgive . The only hope , is the next decade they will be what color .

      Broken the habit , I will trash . No reason to smile , I will try to quit. Psychological fear , I will overcome . Think too much time, I will remember you . No power , I will listen to songs humming . Disoriented when the confusion , I will take the wheel . Want your night , I will write blogs.

     Many of the goals to be completed. Many fled in the direction you want . Waiting to be filled with a lot of space . Holding the color wheel , and my heart had a good tune color , only hope destiny pigments.

     I will remember everyone together smile. Those memories are too precious . I am also still working , there is a glimmer of hope to change some opportunities. We all have dreams, but in a different direction only.

   I  will miss my mother dishes , it was so delicious and she is the best chef ever ! and i will always love you mom . Deep in my heart , i don't want to far away from you even an inches . You are my best mom in the entire world and galaxies .

     Tomorrow morning starting slightly ! Destination is the future of the Holy Land . 

note : goodbye to my full house , i was remembering that when i was a kid , i was always together with you but now , i have my second home . and new life  . till we meet again in Disember .