Saturday, 22 December 2012

Full hesitant to say

Wait . Waited a long time, soon coming dream college for it. Has entered the countdown stage , how to start looking forward to more than a little hesitant. I think I still have not a decision , too many uncertainties exist.

     Sleep last night listening to the sound wave sleep to say , the results can not be completely groggy sleep . Mind emerges weird dream, but a dream not a dream. Sober impression after relying on thin memories, but those seem to be unable to reach my yearning things . So I began to doubt , hesitation, in the end that should not fight for their time .

     Always wanted to be different, very different indeed . I ought to accept , or to change their incomplete thought unacceptable. Brewing for many years the dream seems to be getting closer , but at the moment turn directions . Start a loss .

   Yesterday sent his works to a certain well-known music lyrics people say is dusty work one o'clock oxygen. Wait a day really thought frustrated , and finally catch his one oxygen alive . I have no musical talent , no extraordinary talent ; strictly speaking, only be regarded as interested in all this , so just dare to send their entries to the interest on the grounds . Get such a response , I am actually very happy. After all, I need not just oxygen.

     Hesitation. Still hesitant to say . I really can not decide . Simply for their own good disappointment , good depth , far away.

note : this is too much !

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I can not be defined through that brief period once.

If I had to go in again and repeat , that the road to see someone else's landscape perhaps just once, once reviewed. Total inadvertently strafed appalling sight picture , but rather the value of accumulated experience in mind with their peers subconscious will begin filtering , analysis, and finally excluded . Then people will start to question you , at first indifferent , then you gradually feel compelled to ignore ; finally relieved you feel that this game is a vicious circle . Perhaps you do not need to meet someone innate curiosity ; You finally leave the boring game , also banned all game invitation. You want to say that I'm lazy , where consumption of spirit .
It was a strange gray stupid door ; a temper door. Probably can not afford to be invisible inside the narrow space super powers hidden undercurrents that continually hurt themselves think they can escape in exchange for ending ; only later that it seems only to get the coveted scars , plus no alien to the continuity of the damage. Then , I heard it silently sigh ; blame their poor location of placement , but no way not to admire how he is to survive . If we say that door alive condition is invisible happy, I totally understand why it would again damage. Later, before leaving , I want it said: I like the calm ; just do not know why this is so calm there is always a non calm . But, like the corner quietly opened more than one grass. You want to say , it is a commentary tenacious vitality ; you are so survived .
Then, repeat is an inescapable rule. You always want to change , but life can not tie you have to breathe. Sometimes you get tired and want to pretend to forget some have become accustomed to get rid of the daily movement of inertia ; Then you accidentally found out that there are already a lot of wishful thinking in life . Otherwise , basically we would not have expected . You instantly feel like a good laugh , but also think that this is life. We seem to play hide and seek game, I want to find something and not just find that my abilities and efforts ; had to rely on something that would be willing to let you succeed. The former you can decide ; latter is perhaps a little depends on your efforts , but the vast majority is completely out of your control . You want to say, there is a majority of life science can not explain.
Half , I counted walked half way here . Luffy around like a half circle to the red cliffs . I changed a lot. Some people will say why you changed. But behind this story , in fact, can not be narrated not defined . It has resemblance with the theory of evolution . You originally thought you were so alive , or if you do not originally perceived is how you live . Later, you suffered a foreign element, you start questioning , you start shaking, slowly deny himself. Then a moment and then you decide not to live like that , experience gives you new values ​​. You want to say that I've changed ; But if you know me, you 'll know why and I do not have to explain .
I'm tired , I'm lazy , I do not know why. Will often have no interest , many times always wait until the last minute to be willing to sacrifice everything capability. And the pursuit of perfection in a rush between , I believe there is a unexpected aesthetic imagination . Crazy is that this process will make you want to die , but that the results you will Shuangsi . But, all this conflict can not be completely used in aesthetic ideals on your desperate . Because the ideal is not an evaluation is then submitted to the goods , which , in a way is to translate your attitude towards life messenger. I know you want to say , but I think by your post then I silently mocked the ideal achievements have enough cock .
Stay in that environment for so long , or to appear in perceptual thank my friends . This is the final exam unexpectedly long , so he did not look practical sense . The last five days , wearing devil smile face doom read head hung final hurdle subjects ; meantime I discovered four so quiet around , or even one day completely without talking. Fortunately, there you are willing to take the trouble still bothered by my response to me. Thank you for giving me life would begin to re- infected with dark colors, so I had gradually become the old dull soul of the young up. ( A good laugh ) . Whatever you want to say what the hell , there are you, nice.

Goodbye my university, you gonna be my ex now , welcome new university on January there are a lot we have not done well .

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Returning to a leisurely afternoon



Different cities filled with different flavors of rain , a treat for your involvement in Riley 's sleep ; another wake up your mind dull loneliness. Before rain rain formation of the gap, often depends on the mood of this moment chose clear , or have been hiding in the clouds . So morbid inertia became hesitant , so casually walk in adrift between. Until I met the next story , got what ; what have they lost , imbalances seem to be a balance. I feel very empty, seems filled with loneliness. All this is like rain, uncertain.

     Finally recovered this is a familiar sense of belonging. A cup of bitter than sweet coffee, not astringent coffee , a little cold ( rainy remnants ) , a little cold music 

( personal preference music ) , as well as a self ; no garbage voice, everything kept in an ideal atmosphere . The king is a leisurely afternoon , while relaxing the definition is optional to do the things you like , some do not go against the wishes of the moment thing . Just cause invisible receiving excessive load , moderate release is necessary. Thus, humming and exercises text into the current second verb . No matter what is written on the content , at least there is so little about.

    Belatedly , to some extent I was changed. To boring to describe , I was approached after the change of their own, leaving the once himself. Anyway, the man who is vague, is go back , is a section of their own regret . All along , describes himself as a problem. Cool , unapproachable , disdain , in general, withdrawn, do not know, this is my pass you by ; waste , naive , narcissistic , not alone , slow heat , which can be your friend for me ; however do not think there is not much sense , then , nervousness, despise themselves, care about things carefully , seemingly fragile firm , perhaps this is nature . There are first, second , there are third- level understanding of my friends . But in principle I am actually very simple ; like most people, I need a friend , you need to dream , you need your family , you need to understand what you really need in your life. That the most important .

     Wrote a long time only to find digress , the culprit is Jay Chou charm. His song is not just a song, like a fascinated poetry. Everyone eventually satisfy yourself but what shortcomings , so we chase, chase after , but feel that we did not imagine happiness. Maybe we missed something , maybe something goes wrong direction , maybe not care about you care about a person ; there are too many , perhaps, but it also confirms the insight you catch one .

  p/s : This holiday season, you can play ecstasy ; it is also a reflection own one away.

_______ So fleeting

1. Game clock
Too late to enjoy the sunrise resurrection missed the sunset leaving
We might have asked is that right
Memory constantly being replaced and then left some of the wreckage was overlapped
With a People Thing Matter Occurrence pattern can have different And our dedication to the poor but does not fit the wreckage
So've been obsessed with memories
One day awakened memories will begin next paragraph
"Vicious circle."

2. You

If you look back , I am in front of the back
We might miss
All this might not stay too long there will only be half results
Do not want to fall into another flame acquaintance
So with choices in the moment, but perhaps the real trance
Please do not fleeting
I have not let go until the thing is gonna work.

3. Cell sensing capability

We might a game
From the beginning , it was given sensing capability
Chatting with friends because of the ability of the excavations happy
Because so much about do not get frustrated response
In the midst of a busy life after the emptiness suddenly found
The next moment they sometimes enjoy a lonely hurry please again
Never thought in the end for what
And what....

4.Word without content

Blogging is wasted time drifting a fundamental respect for the
After a period of a hundred ideas is so fleeting
Instantly feel fear when life has gradually no story
Slowly tired of staying without creative comfort zone
If you want to leave will go to dawn
Or outsmarted.

5. Fireworks

When the fireworks fly up and you're infatuated brilliant moment
So experience tells you to cherish
On an answer, but warned you let go moderately
Luxury real hope for you yet predict
So you get stuck standing still
As the esults when you belatedly fireworks to fall
Everything was extinguished
Only memories refused darker  .


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nothing to do with boredom when a write.

Like life, when the heat was terribly upset , cold silly sense will exhange their task .Life can have several afternoon tea .

it can also be very long, sometimes short and sometimes hasty and sometimes did not enjoy
No matter how busy he is all the time and then quickly need to give yourself a hot cup of coffee
Coffee is purely a person's space
It allows a group of people unlike alcohol binge
To sophistry to describe it if alcohol may be able to make people enchanted coffee heartbreaking
Less coffee afternoon tea but nothing to drifting for some time

sometime cannot chase after me so tight

Yesterday today with August, said hello in a close in August
Time is really to force monsters to destroy your dreams tear your crush you all plan
But having said that is not their own bitchy not infuriating lost time
Suddenly approaching a terrible life for the first 21 threshold old did nothing Achievements
You can blame fate would be able to criticize the cruel reality there can be many, many reasons
Rory winded after it was telling myself not to cry
Themselves responsible for your own life
Is not that what life is slightly

Stop bombing good

saying word of "bombing" There is no good to hear
Your life is now behind many enemies who blindly indiscriminate bombers
No tactical told me how to hide
In the end the fighting
Or exit
Better to disguise one blew a smoke bomb in an instant move
Anyway, it wants to avoid
Those who really is boring

What kind of bird the day came on the use of fly

Who in the end is the early bird gets the worm or that insects did so early awakening
Really do not understand who is trying to tell me how to say there will be results
No matter whether I have been still prove it did tell you
But no matter how wrong their own how to do it in the end went wrong
Follow your heart go this sentence was a little bullshit
If your mind is not a reason to go there along with you
But to not let these do not understand is innate or otherwise derived keen slowly killing
Fly complain about what birds bird day has way too
You dare

From afternoon tea to dinner time consuming

& # @ ^ & ^ * ^! ^ #% # ^ @
Not to pursue this time to spend with no meaningful
It looks like live and tired
engraved in the laws as if you have a moment in your life how much , the more wonderful
Good consumer's wonderful life
How to run my life really is not relying on those engraved survival
How is still so wonderful

note : don't be like me  , life will be so boring if you get in into my life . Seem it gonna be like that. LOL

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Second Field Trip

Assalamualaikum and hi peoples 

On 17/04/2012-18/04/2012, I have joined the field trip to several different places. The entry on this time will be written in the English language, and i wanted to told you what actually i am doing when i was there , this entry is like a report style , i am so sure everybody knew how to write the report and also how to read english right ? My advice would be ; Please do not read if you feel it is not beneficial for you . Just who ever so interested in the knowledge can freely enjoy the excitement in this entry of my trip . Firstly , the main objective for this field trip is ; 
  • To make sure all the student understand all the knowledge been given during lecture time.
  • To identified the fresh specimen during field trip relevant with the theory in the lecture time.
  • To see clearly all the earth process and material with raw eyes.
Before we went to trip , my friends and i need to gather infront of my university's building for briefing about the trip for today , after that  , we do some of the streching .

Me and Kalai
to much lightning on kerk's face , wonder why ? LOL .

streching time

As a introduction ; 

         The field trip was handling by SBG 1 student 2011/2012 session. Since the student in first year and first time went to field trip so they need a senior came along. The field trip was present towards all the class. The class member be informed what they necessary thing should bring along during field trip. There several places needed to go at Jeli, Kelantan area such as Gunung Reng, Kampung Kalai, Lata Janggut, Kolam Air Panas and Lata Renyok. But due to time consuming only three places did went it is Gunung Reng, Kampung Kalai and Lata Janggut. That is for first day field trip. 
        The second day we went to Perak Darul Ridzuan, Museum Archaeology, Lenggong and Museum Geology, Ipoh. During this time student been introduced to the entire sample that collected by the professional. It been displayed inside the museum with explanation to make the entire visitor easy to understand. It original specimen that been displayed. 
       During earth material lecture time we are exposed to the types of rocks. There 3 types of rocks which are sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. At this field trip we can identified all type of rock seems all the location went had dis kind of rock. On the other hand, during earth process lecture we were explained about formation of rock through rock cycle and the effect to the rock due weathering. Some more we need to take all kind of rock that found at the field trip location. The rock be collected and put inside the bag given by laboratory assistant. We also learn how to use GPS and compass at each places we went. We need to record all the reading shown. It an early introduce to the equipment even it not included inside the lesson. Seems we were going to use it up coming so it a basic thing needed to learn .

As for the report on the first day ; 

DATE : 17th May 2012
                       N 05˚42’ 54.1”
                       S 101˚44’ 43.5”
TIME : 08.13 a.m.

     At this location we split into our group and work together observed surround us. Firstly we used the compass identified the South and read the coordinate from our place stand. We got 30˚ NE for compass reading. We practice again what had learn before went to field trip. After that we used GPSmap to make sure the accuracy of the coordinate. Gunung Reng spectacular limestone outcrop containing a bat-infested cave. It actually not a cave, it is a stone that deposited due to water level of sea decrease and the stone appear. The cave dominant is limestone it contain calcite. It because the rocks that bee taken from the cave react with hydrochloric acid. We be explained that more crystalline got possibly it can change to marble. The composition change to metamorphic. It also changes the texture, structure due to foliation. Limestone colour is chalky and the texture more earthy. Chemical weathering makes the formation of cave. The chemical weathering is a process in which rocks are broken down or transform parent material. There an agent of oxidation, hydration, dissolution and solution. This formation of Gunung Reng may be due to solution. It is cause solution where the process of solution and carbonation goes together. Whereas here limestone be identified as the particularly susceptible to solution when they are attack by water containing carbon dioxide. When rain falls the acids combine with carbonate then carbonate acid form. The rain drops form stalagmite and stalagtite.  As we informed certain cave got water flow. If can see inside the cave the roof look like grooved it is because normally the cave inside the sea. The sea water come from horizontal while rain drops come vertically. Therefore erosion occurs after a year it appears.

The full view of Gunung Reng, as can see there a plant grow at the wall of cave. It show there organic activity occurs.

Used the compass to get the coordinate of Gunung Reng which is 30˚NE.

  This is the rock that identified as limestone after we broke it into small pieces. It show shinny luster.   

  To confirm it is a limestone or not we need to test with hydrochloric acid. As we test the reaction positive. There a bubble when a drop of hydrochloric acid pout onto it . 

CaCO₃     +   HCl               →    CaHCO₃
(calcite)      (hydrochloric    (calcium 
                       acid)                  carbonate)  

DATE : 17th May 2012
                       N 05˚42’ 54.2”
                       S 101˚44’ 43.9”
TIME : 09.30 a.m.

   This river located nearby Gunung Reng, it just beside the cave as this place become recreation place so it looks beautiful has the river. As the cave have a limestone as the formation of it. The river having marble as it composition of the rock that dumps at the side of the coast. The formation of marble occurs when the heat hit the limestone and changes all the composition of the limestone to marble. It actually intrusive rock, fresh rock inside the earth but when weathering happen or it been exposed it will deposited as igneous rock. The igneous rock form of limestone that containing calcite and when heat occurs surround it changes happen and become marble. The luster soft glassy if saw the marble.


  At the edge of the river can see the marble form. It large amount of marble along this river. It can see clearly the colour different from limestone.

  The fresh marble that taken at the edge of river. The soft glassy luster can be seen clearly. The texture is coarse.  

DATE : 17th May 2012
                       N 05˚45’ 39.7”
                       S 101˚44’ 47.9”
TIME : 10.00 a.m.

    Kampung Kalai really well-known for its gold mine. The villager’s majority here pan for gold and rubber tapping. It hard actually to pan for gold. As gold is tiny particle and combined with the rock so it hard to notice it. It also can combine with pyrite which is similar like gold. But then the pyrite more shiny than gold. Original gold not shiny but after process the gold turn shiny. The luster for pyrite is metallic. It fractures uneven. We need to go inside the river to pan for gold. At first need to dig the soil inside the water and put into the pan. The pan needs to dip in the water to separate the unused item with gold . 

  The first attempt to pan for gold. All the soil put into the pan.

  The soil need to be filter until can see the gold .

  The gold that get after pan for an hour.   
  A tiny gold found. Can be seen the colour dim compared to pyrite. 

Never missed to snap some pictures for my memories since i reached there ;  

Kampung Kalai Prince , haha .

miss lalola , me , mia 

Rawe , Me , Zurfarahin

Rawe and Me

DATE : 17th May 2012
                       N 05˚40’ 13.2”
                       S 101˚46’ 12.9”
TIME : 01.30 p.m.

    Lata Janggut is a river and got waterfall but not the big one. It one of the attraction for Jeli,Kelantan places to be visit. As we reached here, we learn about the formation of rocks. A lot of knowledge can gain here. The rock here majority are granite. The surface of the granite here is smooth. As granite is an igneous rock, it actually comes from intrusive rock deep inside the earth. The granite composition contains quartz, feldspar and others. The black colour that attach to the rock is actually biotite while the pinkie colour that attach is autoclase. Grey colour of granite is intermediate igneous rock. We can see the dominant is the light one.  The river structure happen cause of original activity.  The big rocks that usually people will stand over it actually batolite structure. It is a big form of igneous rock. The weathering occurs so that the rocks break and undergo decay under the influence of the atmospheric agencies like wind, sun, frost, water and organisms. The whitish that can be seen on the rock actually a secondary mineral. The secondary mineral exists after the fracture open and it also come from chemical weathering. The vein on the rock is mineral deposit onto it. It occurs after the process undergoes. At the vein we can notice quartz and cacite. Therefore got two type of vein it is calcite vein and quartz vein. Moreover, we can see the streambed is material transported by water river. The sediment boulder also can be seen here. It due to downslope movement of earth material, primarily under the influence of gravity without the aid of transporting medium such as water and wind. It is call as mass wasting. The layer form as we can see onto the rock it is spheroidal weathering. It is multidirectional attack. We also can see fount at the surface of the big rocks. It due to the movement may be on tectonic activity before. The join between rocks shown no shifting occurs. There also a valley where water flow between it. It bigger actually and when water keep on flow between it, spread out occur and a river is form. The intrusive rock compiles with tectonic activity and broke into pieces therefore a river is formed. The join of fracture that can see there is due to tectonic activities. The atmospheric pressure higher than the water pressure. The water come from spring with two conditions such as inner (impermeable) and outer (permeable). We also can see a pot hole. The pot hole occurs because of river bed. The rocks transit from a higher part to lower part and hit the rock down one. As it been hit so many times the surface being hit the rock erodible and become smooth. Finally the pot hole appears .


  The river and rock at Lata Janggut,Jeli Kelantan.  

  It is igneous rock, granite. The black is biotite while pink is autoclase. The white is quartz .  

  The join between two rocks that can be identified at Lata Janggut. Maybe from tectonic activity .   

  Fracture and vein on the big rocks. The vein clearly seen. It contains calcite vein and quartz vein .

  The join of fracture can be seen here it is due to the tectonic activity million ages ago .   

  The small waterfall is actually formed from the water flow that is before a valley. The water hit the rock until it broken and split into two .

  The pot hole that occurs due to weathering process.  

For the second day report and activity ,

DATE: 18th May 2012
LOCATION:  Museum Archaeology, Lenggong , Perak 
TIME: 12.00 p.m.

     The second day field trip we went to a museum where all the fossil and sample of rock been displayed. The first museum we went is Museum Archaeology at Perak. It located inside the village of rural state called Lenggong. The museum been divide by three section the first is the fossil and a rocks been displayed. The second section where it explained about historical thing and the third section is a geology park. The geology park they displayed the sample of rocks that be found near a Perak state. It shown granite, quartz, Lawin rhyolitic tuff, Lawin basin, suevite, Toba ash, alluvium and limestone. It displayed there with the description each of it. The Toba ash we be explained that it occur during an explosion during volcanoes. The ash went through all miles to the other country. It is blown by the wind.  The museum showed all the history of rocks. The chronology of rock also been shown there. Not only had that inside it tells us about equipment used to find fossils and rocks. The decoration of the museum also makes us really feel like inside the cave because got stalagtite and stalagmite. The main course of this museum is The Perak Man that found at Gua Gunung Runtuh. It is buried as fatal position with legs tucked towards chest, his right arm touching shoulder and his left arm bent so that his hand would rest on his stomach. It is the oldest human skeleton found at Peninsular Malaysia. Inside the museum also tell us about prehistory. It tells us about Palaeolithic to Neolithic. Other than that, it shows all the prehistoric Homo sapiens used the rocks as equipment to handle all the daily life.

  All the rocks are shows that they use daily life. Some of the rock as a knife.

This is an ash collected at the volcanic ash around the Perak state.

  This is a stalagtite that they make as replica inside the cave.

This is a stalagmite that they make a replica look really like inside the cave.
  This one of the sketch of people prehistoric. They write on the rocks.  


DATE: 18th May 2012
LOCATION: Museum Geology, Jabatan Mineral dan Geologi, Perak.

    We went to Ipoh Perak, Minerals and Geology Department (JMG). Here got museum that displayed all the types of minerals and rocks. The first casseterite found in Malay also they shown here. Not only mineral and rock here it also showed the fossil. Inside here we can see raw material and the process one. It also showed the similar materials with different name. The equipment also been displayed here. The unique inside here also at the wall of the entrance they sketch out the formation of rocks and minerals. It also been displayed the rocks cycle more clearly. There a lot of chart explains about the use of rocks and minerals. 

So , as the conclusion in this field trip make more clear all the lesson that been taught inside lecture time. It also makes us identified fresh sample compare inside the lab. The fresh sample is good because we can examine it more detail. It also opens the mind of student to see the scope of working and the lesson they need to focus on.  As went to museum we can be notice all raw material until it be process. It scope of working also not limited as we thinking. Other than that we can know the history of rocks where does it come from. It very far different when practical and theoretical study. We can more understand with practical rather than only hoping on theoretical. 

that all .

note : memories teached us how to be the better person in the future , take what you need and throw the unnecessary thing from your life , step forward to the better future . Adiosa !