Saturday, 22 December 2012

Full hesitant to say

Wait . Waited a long time, soon coming dream college for it. Has entered the countdown stage , how to start looking forward to more than a little hesitant. I think I still have not a decision , too many uncertainties exist.

     Sleep last night listening to the sound wave sleep to say , the results can not be completely groggy sleep . Mind emerges weird dream, but a dream not a dream. Sober impression after relying on thin memories, but those seem to be unable to reach my yearning things . So I began to doubt , hesitation, in the end that should not fight for their time .

     Always wanted to be different, very different indeed . I ought to accept , or to change their incomplete thought unacceptable. Brewing for many years the dream seems to be getting closer , but at the moment turn directions . Start a loss .

   Yesterday sent his works to a certain well-known music lyrics people say is dusty work one o'clock oxygen. Wait a day really thought frustrated , and finally catch his one oxygen alive . I have no musical talent , no extraordinary talent ; strictly speaking, only be regarded as interested in all this , so just dare to send their entries to the interest on the grounds . Get such a response , I am actually very happy. After all, I need not just oxygen.

     Hesitation. Still hesitant to say . I really can not decide . Simply for their own good disappointment , good depth , far away.

note : this is too much !