Sunday, 5 May 2013

It Obviously

It was a once rampant memory; just never thought it was a crazy, terrible .

Room temperature is very high, and I feel like a long-awaited but not soaked clouds. Seems to have much to say, maybe just no way to talk. Later used to it, it is only carried by the wind, floating ...... Gone with the Wind. Actually, I'm explosive Thunder, and without any notice. Clouds it always endured, after all, it does not understand the rain on the side of the people is a joy, or a disaster. No one seems to know, the clouds did not willingly become a fact clouds.

     「Why you don't let people see the good in you?」
     「Because when people see good, they expect good. And I don't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations. 

Everything whole dilemma . Some awkward no explanation , misunderstood been distorted only silent. Later it was found out all too complicated, far less than the fact that the surface to see calm. Seen through , inadvertently know more ; perhaps ultimately only be a last laugh expression, regardless of any significance . Then began a little wonder why there are too many half-truths , right and wrong ; many options to making a claim about life choices but surprisingly difficult. In fact, I know everything , I did not stupid ; abandoned simply because do not want to look at what they have sincere people , and things . A lot of things that almost made ​​its position clear , but perhaps others do not 

why ; perhaps disappointed , I suddenly felt everything is at a loss, but for some reason and it is still not angry .

     The mood is very complex and difficult to engage . That as long as a laugh out , crazy one back will be fine , and then I did not discover the problem is solved ; but also some more . Almost can not remember where it all began , when the content of this life go the wrong direction. Why always unpleasant story around this vicious cycle , those words were a joke, innuendo , willful injury ingredient is how the matter ? Not understand , is not to understand ; just do not be too embarrassed.

      Even if you know it's all wrong, you know what needs to be changed need ...... but far from always find direction . Suddenly regret that I did go to this trouble to do some thankless thing, to know even if you're passionate , her friends will not necessarily blood . The higher the expectations , then it will only be disappointed more . Began to panic and start dazed , confused start ; should be how to continue to fight this battle . Finally in the end , who is to accompany you around never left comrades.

p/s : The house gives you a Bridge Is Falling!