Friday, 22 March 2013

I can never do

How ?  Only yourself noticed , that moment has multiple combat alert . I do not deny that sometimes I was invincible universe big freak ; sometimes even do not understand , then gradually evolved into not define . Try to smile and laugh , what a mess not disguise disguised interpretation ; laughed, genuinely enjoying himself laughing when ordered reasons . Nobody wants to contradict themselves . One of the reasons a lot of things out is unknown , it seems no need to explain ; exchange standpoint , you might want to know how this man has always been happy.

      As for how things so complicated funny , others are at most only know a little, not empathy. There are many things you can not explain , so I had to enjoy a good show in the next ; then play the script, which has been misunderstood villains . Not want to explain , does not represent the facts are distorted accepted . Say turn dead end , which is full of sharp corners rationale clearly and logically . Is fiercely poke each other's mask , just do a little hand in cahoots .

      I think I have already stated our position very clear , in some degree of action . I'm just an ordinary person , there are certain limits. I am not a saint can forgive everything , can not make everyone like me because I am not God. Anyway , then there is always a straight road turnoff .