Thursday, 31 October 2013

Time like Victorious Army athletics.


And time is not a joke, a blink of an eye it has been beyond your imagination Benz to an end. Its time to blame unsparing ; less self-blame, after all, he did not make every effort to seize every minute feelings. Anyway , all this is no standard . Do you think the value, it is worth it. Every night before going to sleep are planning tomorrow's schedule, although most of them are empty but at least are marked

"tomorrow gonna be good day" 

Ideas / Fraud / jargon / encourage / comfort. 
Struggle / break just exaggerate fact , happiness is the day sad one day. Some people say that every day would rather choose to be happy too ; Some people felt sad is inevitable, space is needed to solve .

     Time flies quickly. In the back piece " madding crowd " in the jungle before the countdown mood every day is like a parabola in the post- peak decline . Speak a stiff piece suitcase stuffed daily mood is very simple, until the moment of lifting the weight of feeling like the same suitcase . As heavy . If human beings have the ability to predict and to avoid all the damage / tired / torture own things , would be particularly monotonous , or exceptionally relaxed. Since it can not escape , since the security of it . Anyway, nothing can be known to kill you , even if the failure can also be placed in the resurrection. 

So simple, so easy .

Reminder : Do not ever say to yourself , "I die " ; at most, tell yourself, " I'm tired, rest before continuing ."

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Yes or cannot learn


Rain falling incessantly. I still can not learn how to accept every sunny after rain down sadly. The rule of thumb remains at the same position, and always so helpless. I always less confidence, every miss every last return again and again confession does not help. Dashed hopes are called invisible; whether should learn wiser.

      Not every one will wait for a smile in return. Habits like indelible blue pen, handwriting, cry over and over again. Silent only to conceal the air seems to say something. Every little trick I know everything, trying interpreted as a reason to smile, unwilling to let everything getting gray. In fact, though afraid of the pain.

      Every day is an exercise. Inextricable problem like a door, each door can not be predicted after unknown.

Note : Looking for a mood, called the blue.