Friday, 5 July 2013



Not "lonely"
One half of the heart happy eighth quarter loss , 
Lonely long been spurned by eccentric exiled ,
Suspected that he had been too lazy did not even resist ,
Anyway, I like a man accustomed to practice and review .

I do not like to compromise but can not become wicked ,

Is a polite laugh tears of humiliation without expression is a kind of self-view
I am probably the third intake of any risk in future , 
So no need to hear any own annoying
After all, the sky is still bright for my dream
later i believe it will be come true .

The end of everything

If you want to complain too far too unreal dream 
Please allow yourself to become stronger .

After this refresh the conflict between black and white

And no third party knows itself as an agreement
Content is secret ,
Referred commitments.

note : never let the world make you down , chased what you want in your life and never let it go , once it gone , it will not come back .