Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nothing to do with boredom when a write.

Like life, when the heat was terribly upset , cold silly sense will exhange their task .Life can have several afternoon tea .

it can also be very long, sometimes short and sometimes hasty and sometimes did not enjoy
No matter how busy he is all the time and then quickly need to give yourself a hot cup of coffee
Coffee is purely a person's space
It allows a group of people unlike alcohol binge
To sophistry to describe it if alcohol may be able to make people enchanted coffee heartbreaking
Less coffee afternoon tea but nothing to drifting for some time

sometime cannot chase after me so tight

Yesterday today with August, said hello in a close in August
Time is really to force monsters to destroy your dreams tear your crush you all plan
But having said that is not their own bitchy not infuriating lost time
Suddenly approaching a terrible life for the first 21 threshold old did nothing Achievements
You can blame fate would be able to criticize the cruel reality there can be many, many reasons
Rory winded after it was telling myself not to cry
Themselves responsible for your own life
Is not that what life is slightly

Stop bombing good

saying word of "bombing" There is no good to hear
Your life is now behind many enemies who blindly indiscriminate bombers
No tactical told me how to hide
In the end the fighting
Or exit
Better to disguise one blew a smoke bomb in an instant move
Anyway, it wants to avoid
Those who really is boring

What kind of bird the day came on the use of fly

Who in the end is the early bird gets the worm or that insects did so early awakening
Really do not understand who is trying to tell me how to say there will be results
No matter whether I have been still prove it did tell you
But no matter how wrong their own how to do it in the end went wrong
Follow your heart go this sentence was a little bullshit
If your mind is not a reason to go there along with you
But to not let these do not understand is innate or otherwise derived keen slowly killing
Fly complain about what birds bird day has way too
You dare

From afternoon tea to dinner time consuming

& # @ ^ & ^ * ^! ^ #% # ^ @
Not to pursue this time to spend with no meaningful
It looks like live and tired
engraved in the laws as if you have a moment in your life how much , the more wonderful
Good consumer's wonderful life
How to run my life really is not relying on those engraved survival
How is still so wonderful

note : don't be like me  , life will be so boring if you get in into my life . Seem it gonna be like that. LOL