Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lonely, longing for freedom coveted .


     These days I 've been thinking , and I in the end is how an individual existence . In front of strangers , in front of family , in front of friends , in a dream before the next front in front of the mirror in front of mood , or inside the heart . I can arrayed nothing had happened ; also keep a smile wearing a mask ; even malicious idiom , after all, is a living I want to ask all have some of these factors . The problem is that these are their own yearning or not, the answer is contradictory . There is such a saying: I can ignore that one or ten malicious criticism because I care about is that thousands of tens of thousands of praise . Some thought , I felt that I should ignore any praise, or demoted , because my life does not depend on your own passerby .

     I do not know my way of thinking properly improper , after all, my life experience is still shallow . I just recently started more than a suspicion of human nature , secretly wanted to do a lot of experiments to prove his ideas are right. Each other a smile, an action , a look, what is the meaning of which , I started to play guessing games. Logically speaking, if you are a person very embarrassing criticism , if you fight back to proper pride and frustration perhaps the other party will also feel embarrassed ; but if you continue to spoil the default of any other party , the other party 's complacent actually terrifying . I do not know how to draw the line . Some human existence on so that you give a little sweetness other natural hide weapons ; once you say the wrong thing is destined for trouble. To speak, is an art .

    Strange to say , I'm such a mess reasoning was written quite happy. I actually do not need anything , a person, some music , some of the self-entertainment entertainment , some of the oxygen level is enough to scrape the day. I'm not 100 percent trust the principle of existence , there are always betrayed the relationship between people exist , that there is no just a see through Bale.

  In fact, more and more interesting, I fell in love with such a suspicion bizarre human .

note : the fact life always make us in pain , but somerimes through the pain we see the light of hope after that . Sorrow not always behind , happy not always take place .