Wednesday, 28 August 2013

In the end I saw the beginning of another.

 In the end I saw the beginning of another .

          These days it is the color , just slightly bluish a little. To force the bad habit of always stalker ; lack of willpower I had right now is one thousand . Willpower want to say sorry , I do not have to comply with the commitments on . For those who like a vicious cycle superglue bad habit of waiting to be turn over it.

     This moment, you still worry what ? Worry is the incoming tide , has been beating the sensitive nerves . I'm lazy , and some did not face these trivial and this really troublesome. Then what ? Only one does not change the principle : Change can not accept , and accept change .

     Can not be denied , academic ultimately failed to become the center of my life . I yearn for the direction of the heavy temporarily hampered by a lot of time to start confusion . Final pressure to force that I do, and the rest to fate conclusion. The next challenge , try it wants.

     Then escape , my life has been lived a control freak . I'm still poor expression , perhaps because it often makes some simple things become complicated. Very often think frankly , control freak allow yourself to become stubborn . Sometimes I think to say something, control freak cast a magic stumped . Sometimes want to laugh , to give you a control freak tears . Sometimes I think a good rest, control freak give you insomnia. Sometimes I think love , control freak confiscate your sanity. Control freak ah , so stretch yourself crazy.

note : if you fail in something , just find one to another alternative for reaching on top of what you will be aiming for , just take a little time bit futher and step forward .