Saturday, 21 December 2013

Not the same, but still...


     The weather is still stuck on a blog. Perhaps, this atmosphere is blogging catalyst . Rhythm of life is still not fixed, stepping up the pace of a busy ; too indulgent when neutral . Flocks when you play crazy , when a person quiet. Uneven, but unexpectedly very balanced . Very simple habits, everything naturally became natural.

     In fact, the principles and dreams , like flying kites . Expect more to fly farther , worry more. Afraid to fly to the destination, had feeling let yourself soar high in the sky . Line is broken, no longer difficult to get back the memory of the original period of leave . Too many unpredictable things happened around , unable to escape can not be declined. When you decide to fly , do not forget who stood waiting for your starting point .

     Not the same. With fixed theater writing team . Just afraid that one day will eventually rewrite the script , the outcome is unknown . Choreography story began in disarray, which should be placed in the first position the same . Allowed to repeat the same mistakes . The moment has been determined to set a goal , but willpower is still shaking it .

     But still , I'm still the same. For strange not sure things , or to retain a portion of their own. No way out for all unfamiliar with a positive attitude . But without the right mindset , where's the attitude ?

     Right. Not the same, but still....

note : we are not the same persons this year as last ; nor are those we love . It is a happy chance if we , changing , continue to love a changed person .



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