Monday, 30 December 2013

Lies Between Grey

    I feel blue, whenever I think about my memories are like pure white , like soy sauce stains difficult to wash  . The best is  , I cannot remember those hard unpleasant ever . Live here , and occasionally lonely occasional frustration occasionally depressed. Time left in front of the boot , the option is always belongs to every individual . Slower pace , with the ideal distance wide. Nothing can last .

   As Pisces sometimes feel really tired. May I unlock the genes and alter it ? Sometimes really want to practice Invisibility , have their own comfortable space in any corner . In fact, the Fishes did not quite gray , but sometimes like a lonely alone. Have their ownspace , to remove all the load , cool thinking .

   Think of the future , the feel alien to stay here is simply no sure way . Began to be ashamed of their own , and then collapse , and finally realized that maybe just a transitional period . For a stray wandering among the waves definition, find a solid vertices are the basic needs for survival. At least tired, and can be no fear of paralysis with . But the sad end of the idea will only make one hesitate , do not move represents I have  been back . After all, time has been rubbing shoulders and then fade away. I do not know how long it takes to complete without [ abstract ] 's blueprint , even have to spend much longer time than the others , I still have been continued .

    I began dissecting , analyzing , thinking , understanding, and then digest what had happened or the reason  . no clue at all ? what the hell . Education of each specification of the original fantasy soul , not from becoming narrow dull creativity. Everyone stay safe confines to score inside . Reflect on it again, I seem to get some more insight.

   Back to reread this blog , it was found on some of the weird and some did not . Well, irregular is an art .

note : what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us